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Tel. 81-82-223-1000

About FLEX

Kikkawa 'Ryokan' or the Japanese inn, the antecedent of Hotel FLEX was named after Kikkawa Motoharu, one of the famous generals during the Civil War era of Japan, and the founder ancestor of the hotel.
It is said that Kikkawa Motoharu, the second son of Mori Motonari, who is famous for the anecdote of "Three Arrows", was intrepid and brave, serious and sincere, appreciated humanitarian value and had the spirit of hospitality.
Hotel Flex has succeeded such ideals in the spirit of Motoharu for more than140 years since the Kikkawa Ryokan Inn was established.
In 1994, the present Hotel FLEX complex was built to open in conjunction with the Asian Games held in Hiroshima. It really became a comfortable, safe hotel, suitable for a modern life style.

Hotel FLEX: Lodging Contracts
With regard to the lodging contracts made between 'Hotel FLEX' and it's guests, it shall be assumed that Japanese law is to be considered the over-riding law in the case of each contract, and the competent court of jurisdiction shall be the district court, which in turn has jurisdiction over 'Hotel FLEX'.

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Hotel FLEX7 minutes on foot from JR Hiroshima Station south exit

7-1 Kaminobori-cyo, Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima 730-0014, Japan
Tel: 81-82-223-1000
Fax: 81-82-223-5678

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